Some good.NET Interview questions


  1. What are the core concepts of OOPs?
  2. What is Encapsulation?
  3. Types of Polymorphism
  4. Diff between association and aggregation
  5. Can you make a Pure Virtual function static?
  6. How to hide the base class functionality in the inherited class?
  7. Can a non-static class have static constructor? If yes then can it be parameterized?

.Net Windows Apps

  1. What is CTS?
  2. What is Validation summary in .Net?
  3. Events are Methods (T/F)? Do events have return data types?
  4. What is ORM?
  5. What is a delegate or what is it used for?
  6. What is a Shared assembly? Where is it placed?
  7. What is boxing or unboxing?
  8. How is exception handling done in .Net?
  9. What are optional parameters?

.Net Web Apps

  1. What is a cookie / session? Which is used when?
  2. What is a master page?
  3. Can I have multiple web.config files in an application?
  4. What is Enum? What will be the 1st value of the enum member?
  5. What is the isPostback property?
  6. What is a .css file? How will you write an inline style sheet?


  1. In which assembly is MVC framework defined?
  2. What is the file extension of Razor views in MVC?
  3. What is the role of a controller in MVC?

.Net Web Services

  1. What is difference between WCF services and web services
  2. What is full form of REST?

SQL Server & SSRS

  1. What is DML? Give types of DML commands?
  2. Can I have multiple columns in a Primary key? ( T/F) Can I have multiple primary keys?
  3. If I have Boolean values to store what will be the datatype of the field?
  4. Difference between TRUNCATE and DELETE?
  5. What is the use of GROUP BY clause?
  6. In a Employee table you have following:

    EmpName, EmpAge, DeptName, Salary

    How will you perform the following?

    1. Count the number of departments
    2. Display the name of highest paid employee(s) in each Department


    Consider another table: Department ( DeptName, Location)

    1. Increase salary of all the employees in Mumbai by 5%


  7. What is a View?
  8. What is use of SQL Profiler?
  9. What is a shared datasource in rdl file?

Scripting Languages

  1. What is AJAX?
  2. In javascript how do you get the reference of any specific html object?
  3. What is jQuery?
  4. What is meaning of #btnNew in jQuery?

Silverlight / CRM / Sharepoint

  1. What is XAML?
  2. Which .js file do you include for Silverlight applications?

TS / Design Patterns

  1. What are Source control tools?
  2. How do you see the change done by you on a file?

Testing / Deployment concepts

  1. Where is the bin folder created when you compile an application?
  2. If you have to do Unit testing what type of thing will you check?
  3. Which testing tools are you aware of? Which testing frameworks have you worked on?




  1. What is advantage of DNN?
  2. Which version of .Net has DNN compatibility with?
  3. What is MVVM?
  4. Differentiate between MVC and MVVM

Stay tuned for answers. Happy programming!

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